Book Publishing – Things That Writers Should Know About Marketing Their Works

Posted on Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

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Books help a person to get to know about different things and it will also encourage them to write their own books. When you start reading a book, you will be totally in a different world and become the character in the book. Everyone likes to write their own books and there are various themes and you must stick to a genre while writing one.

book publishing

Before starting to write, read about the tips and procedure to develop it into complete manuscript. If you are going to write a novel then there should be a main character, side characters and surprise characters. Try to write in a different dimension and create various plots and don’t forget to co-relate them.

How to start writing a manuscript?

First, think about an interesting title for the book and also the theme.  The title should be somewhat innovative and must attract the target audience. After that, decide upon the characters, and the story of the book. Start writing the book chapter by chapter and take enough time to think and make sure there is continuity between the chapters. You should also know to whom you are going to contribute the book. Try to highlight the main purpose and the importance of the manuscript.

If your target audience is children aged between 5 to 10 then write according to their likings.  Eventually a book cannot be a favourite for everyone. You should also specify, why you are writing this book and its benefits. You can also promote the theme of the book in social networking websites and blogs.

How to publish your books?

Publishing a book is a long process and you must understand the process before getting started with it.  First, you must contact an agent and these agents will have many contacts in the publishing houses. Once your script is liked by the people, you could get your book printed. The next thing, the agent will decide on is the percentage of shares for this process.

If an agent is interested in your book, he will use the contacts in the publishing company to get the book done. Many publishing houses print only the books that are recommended by the agents. The publishing company employs many editors to choose the book to be published. If you don’t have an agent, you can contact the company directly.

How to contact the agent?

Before approaching them, you have to prepare the manuscript in a specified format. While printing the script make sure that you only print one side of the page. Along with it, provide the following information clearly such as the author name, contact information, book name, word count and chapter count. This information will be helpful for the editors to take final decision on the script.

Try to put your manuscript in an open folder and do not file them. After that, send it to the publishing house. Take 2 or 3 photocopies of your manuscript and you can send them to different companies. While sending it, attach a query letter along with it. This letter has to contain an introduction about your content.

Tips for writing a book

The book you write must contain good information, whether it is based on scientific or social theme. It should be useful and also see to it, that it does not have any controversial statements. Write them in a simple language, so that everybody can understand what you are trying to say.  Clear writing and good explanation will gain good reputation among the audience. First, write in a rough paper and proofread it. Follow it, until you gain good standard of writing.

Author’s Bio:

Patricia Jackson is a keen follower of literary works, and she also expresses her opinions about various authors on her blogs. She also follows well known writers like Orlando Figes who has published many books on Russian revolution.

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